Our Support Team


And because no business is effective without the people who support it, here is our support team:

Judi Evans

Judi Evans is our Administration Fairy! After having worked for many years in the fashion industry where she managed sales and design teams, created management systems, presented product at director level and travelled over the world sourcing fabrics and generally being inspired, Judi started Indigo Bureau, a bespoke virtual admin service. What she really enjoys, and is really good at, is devising systems and creating order and clarity out of chaos. She’s figures-orientated by nature and love being challenged with administrative chaos and turning it into something organized and easy to manage. She is our kind of heaven!!!

Saskia Rumbelow

Saskia is our Social Media Queen. She’s a London-based Social Media Consultant at Saskia Rumbelow Consultancy. Saskia is working with luxury lifestyle brands (and us) to create bespoke content, build social strategies and grow business through digital and social media. Having completed a BA Hons degree in Photography, she progressed into her career working with luxury lifestyle brands and magazines to build innovative social media strategies.  Sakia has successfully grown social followings for notable brands, most recently at Condé Nast International. Her passion lies in collaborating with brands and individuals to build a relationship and tell their own story to the digital world.