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I can’t thank AnYes enough for helping me find clarity within my business. She helped me transform myself from being “just” a PA to so much more. She listened to what I was doing and how I was doing it and she came up with my brilliant personal branding and my LinkedIn profile reflects all of her hard work. For such a long time I was underselling myself and attracting the wrong type of client but she’s helped me with my self-confidence and I now know exactly who I am. She’s brilliant and if you need clarity about what your goals are and how to get there AnYes is your lady.
Thank you AnYes from the bottom of my heart for transforming my business and helping me believe in myself, you’re amazing!

Stephanie Marco – London, UK – Concierge Services – Busy Life PA  

jules-langfordWhen I first met AnYes I was lacking confidence and a clear direction for my business.I was battling against deeply ingrained blocks which told me that I could never succeed in running my own business. I also knew that the format of my business was not working and needed to change, but I could not see how. At first I wasn’t really getting anywhere.  Yes, I was working away, but not much seemed to be happening. That didn’t discourage AnYes, she continued to guide me and to hold me accountable whilst working on my mindset. But then something happened. I had a breakthrough. Suddenly my resistance started falling apart. I opened up to envisage things in a way I wasn’t ready to look at before and that changed everything. We then hit on a perfect new – and original – format to take my business forward. I rebranded and we created the outline of a Signature Programme that I love and have total confidence in. We are now working on developing my packages and building a new website and I can’t wait to relaunch! My confidence in other areas has increased, too. I have just undertaken my first public speaking engagement – and not only was it a success, but I also enjoyed doing it. Only this week, someone commented on how much more confident I seem these days. I honestly could not have come this far without AnYes.  I would have just gone round in circles getting more and more discouraged. So, if this resonates with you and if you want to turn your expensive hobby into a real business that you will be proud of, I definitely recommend you talk to AnYes.

Jules Langford – London, UK – Declutter Coach – Cluttered to Cleared 

1044347_10202440543320234_716131515169013875_nAnYes is an exceptional mentor, role model and guide!

Working with AnYes van Rhijn over the span of a year was an honour and a pleasure. Though I had several small businesses before meeting her, my life overall had gotten off balance. I was seeking more joy in my work and happiness in life. AnYes spoke the language of business I was seeking, while still being very aware of larger life satisfaction issues. Through a wise, compassionate, and well-rounded approach, she provided exercises, dialogue and insight to help identify my blocks as well as my strengths and talents. It was through this experience, that I was able to gain better perspective on how to make work and life happier and easier for me. I am very grateful for the work we did together. As I have reclaimed the joy and reached a greater life balance, I have also found my business pursuits more profitable. Within the first six months of this year, I have already earned as much income as I did in all of the prior year. I am enjoying success on my own terms now, and at the rate I’m going, it seems the sky is the limit! I would highly recommend AnYes to anyone who is serious about their goals and dreams and open to shifting blocks to breakthroughs. She is an exceptional mentor, role model and guide. I absolutely adore her.”

Sandra Edwards – NYC, USA – Multi-preneur  – www.JoyfulEase.com

Elloa-Atkinson-High-Res-139Speaking to AnYes was insightful, challenging and very helpful!

She challenged me to look closely at my priorities around money and to align my actions with those priorities. She also helped me see the financial aspect of my relationship with my husband in a new light. I’m developing new daily and weekly habits in my money management and am grateful to AnYes for her wisdom around money and of course, the kind of mindset needed to really be financially aware, empowered and mature.

Elloa Atkinson – UK – Life Changing Coach – www.elloaatkinson.com

Maru LabichelaAnYes is such a great role model for running a strong, successful and organized business!

I didn’t realize the direct correlation between this and freedom!! I had a “wake up” call this week with the wonderful AnYes van Rhijn that left me wanting more Zen and Abundance in my life. She is such a great role model for running a strong successful and organized business that I left the conversation really inspired to turn my struggles with managing my personal finances around.
I also totally understood vividly the correlation between not having disciplines and structures in place and not having full freedom. #ahamoment Thank you AnYes!!! You totally opened my eyes to see a new reality and possibility for myself this week!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Maru Labichela – TX, USA – Life and Image Coach – www.maruiabichela.com

AnYes helped me find the confidence I was missing!

I had the privilege to work with AnYes during a 90′ minute Quick Start Power Session. That woman is marvelous! And she speaks french!

She asked me what my ideas were, she helped me get clearer on my ideal client and most important, for me, she helped me to package my knowledge and sell it at a good price. She also gave me some strategies and much more: she helped me find the confidence that I was missing!

Thanks again AnYes!

 Kim Grimard – Canada – Coach – www.kimgrimard.ca

I now know that I have permission to make more than enough doing what I love!

Last week I had the honor to work with AnYes Van Rhijn. I had a 90 minute power session with her. Focus was on my health/fitness business.

I had no idea what my ideal client is, well by the end of our session I DID! She gave me amazing ideas and plans to put together. The focus was on my bootcamps and how I can transition them to my online business.

Well, I made the action and implemented the plan, and I had a great turn around this weekend at my bootcamp!

And, I’m going after what I love. Yes, I do have permission to make more than enough, doing what I love!

Thank you, AnYes!

 Zugey Ramirez – USA – Health & Fitness coach 

I am really focused now and more excited about the future than ever!

I just want to share some love for AnYes who helped me through an extremely difficult period in my life.

Before meeting AnYes I was really confused and my confidence was at an all-time low. Self-doubt was keeping me totally stuck.

I had started to think that it could be time to give up on my dream but she helped me to reframe the situation and get my confidence back.
I’m really focused now and more excited about the future than ever.

I feel incredibly lucky to have connected with AnYes and highly recommend her as a coach.

Thanks so much AnYes

 Julia Harris – London, United Kingdom – Success Coach – www.julia-harris.com

I have had the great fortune to meet AnYes, to work with her and to learn from her.

In this life there are people that you have the great fortune to meet, work with and learn from. I very much count AnYes among these people.

I have had the privilege of working with AnYes multiple times, and each time that we have worked together, she has brought great value, depth and substance to my work. AnYes has a shine and a graceful, skillful, and strategic edge that she shares with her clients. Her support has been so amazing. She has given me the feedback, quality and wisdom that I needed to get here and realize a dream of a lifetime. As a result my business is launched and it has already generated great results that are inspired, and, most importantly, that are in alignment with my true vision and mission.You rarely find such a high caliber mixture of talent, results, spark, passion and inspiration anywhere.  If you are looking for a strong success strategy for you, your life and your business, I highly recommend you call her!

Thank you so much AnYes, You are a shining star in a world that needs such beauty and brilliance!

Michelle Bastock PhD – Calgary, Canada – Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor, Learning Consultant – www.michellebastock.com

I am now back in charge of my life and of my choices!

I have worked with AnYes in two occasions and both experiences were extremely fruitful and rewarding. The first time, many years ago, I was given more responsibilities in my job. I wanted to have the confidence and skills to tackle my new role in an efficient and professional manner. It has been
a real success: AnYes helped me implement new organizational and managerial methods that enabled me to successfully embrasse my new challenge.

More recently, I was feeling stuck and needed to evolve at many levels. It was a no-brainer for me: she would be the one who would help me move forward! I worked with her 1:1 for a full year and have never regretted it. As a result, I reassessed my situation and gave it a more meaningful direction; I am now back in charge of my life and of my choices. What I particularly like with AnYes is that she’s always there for you, she knows how to hold you in that safe space that allows you to be yourself without fear but she also knows how to challenge you to ensure you are progressing.

Corinne Boéri –  London, United Kingdom – Partner JLT Specialty Ltd 

I know exactly where to go and how to get there!

I am amazed at how much work we covered in just one day. I have gained in clarity and left with a detailed action plan. AnYes has actively participated in our working session. She not only pushed me to be creative and to think out of the box, but she came up herself with some brilliant ideas for my future business. The location where the private VIP coaching day was held also is very beneficial because of its calm and serenity. It helps you to relax and to concentrate. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to set up their own business, or wanting to take it to the next level or wanting to turn a dream into reality to contact AnYes. Thank you so much AnYes for having helped me to go from dream to implementation.

Julia Veselova – Brussels, Belgium

AnYes has helped me uncover what is really important to me!

My private VIP coaching day with AnYes was part of my Private Platinum program. Despite a 7-hour time difference, the day was made easy by splitting it in 2 three-hour sessions by webcam. The time we spent together turned out to be a fabulous accelerator.

She guided me through a process that helped me uncover what was really important for me. She helped me clarify the confusion around my ideal client, my values, my needs as a person and as a coach as well as my offer.

A private VIP coaching day is a powerful experience that has launched my business in the right direction!

Beccah Raciti – Madison (WI), USA

I can already see the results of our work together!

My Private VIP coaching day with AnYes has been powerful and intense.
The work we had already done together had allowed me to set up my own business.
I now have a very clear vision of where I want to take it next.

I returned home with a concrete action plan and I have decided to pursue my work with her to implement it.

Carole Agossa – Paris, France

AnYes helps you become your own coach and that is priceless!

The benefits of my work with AnYes have been numerous and substantial. Our work together has been powerful and I can really feel the benefits thereof in my career. AnYes helps you progress and to “win points” not only in terms of efficacy and performance, but also in terms of comfort in your daily life. She allows you to capitalize on your strengths, to accept your weaknesses and sometimes even to turn them into strengths. Her objective is to help you realize your personal and professional ambition. This is really exceptional, because in doing so, she hands over to you the keys that will allow you to progressively become your own coach and that is priceless!

Nathalie Bouquet – Paris, France – Consultant and owner at NBL

I have enhanced my leadership!

I have really enjoyed being coached by AnYes. Thanks to our work together, I have been able to enhance my leadership by improving some of my professional behaviors. She knows how to approach challenging situations. With a good mix of coaching and mentoring, she helps you uncover the answers to the challenges you are facing.

Her international experience gives her even more added value. I highly recommend her as a coach in leadership. Any person or company facing challenges in a fast changing environment should contact her!

Hélène Béguin – Partner in charge of the Lausanne office – KPMG, Switzerland

The results are visible and sustainable!

The experience that AnYes has when it comes to coaching and mentoring allows you to quickly identify the root problems to work on. With a good mix of theory, concrete examples, challenging questions, implementation and accountability she helps you achieve results that are not only rapidly visible, but be foremost sustainable.

Maryline Labatut – VP HR (Mining and minerals) – Paris, France

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