I believe that it is every woman’s birthright to be living her life to its full potential. I also believe that by sharing her success and fulfilment with other women, she will inspire them to do the same. It is with that objective in mind that I have created ‘The Women Who Make Things Happen Show’. In a conversational and sometimes very raw and vulnerable way, the amazing women I am interviewing share their journey to success.They also talk about the challenges they have been facing and what helped them overcome them.

It is my deepest desire that by listening to these interviews you too become inspired to Make Things Happen in your life!

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Episode 96 – December 4, 2016
Sage B. Hobbs, owner at Sage B. Hobbs Coaching LLC

sage-b-hobbsFrom moving across the country after a cancer in her early twenties, to leaving a stable and rewarding career to have more freedom, creativity and broader impact building her own business.

Sage B. Hobbs is a coach, a speaker known for her direct, insightful, and compassionate approach to communication, relationships, and personal growth. She is also the author of Naked Communication. She’s worked with thousands of individuals and groups for more than 15 years to both transform their relationships and increase their personal fulfilment.

Sage deeply believes that our happiness and success are directly related to the quality of our relationships, and that it’s possible to create the fulfilling relationships we really want.


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Episode 94 – November 21,  2016 – Tandy Elisala, owner at Center For Inspiring Greatness

How to reinvent yourself when you unexpectedly have to take care full time of both of your parents and face a subsequent cancer journey.

Tandy Elisala  inspires women to be confident and courageous as they take passionate action towards their life purpose. She empowers women to love themselves first and lead a life that matters. Through Tandy’s 30 years’ experience as an executive and coach combined with her experience as a four time cancer thriver and family caregiver, she’s learned why following your passion and purpose is critical and what this truly means. She is a four time #1 International bestselling author, Huf Post contributor and Certified Success Coach.

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