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Episode 97 – December 12, 2016 – Chichi Eruchalu, owner at CE Consulting & Media

From being frustrated, on the verge of a burn out and listening to too many people while having a 9 to 5 job, running a business and raising young children to successfully running her business on her own terms i.e. in the best way to support her, her lifestyle, family and goals!

Chichi Eruchalu is a Business Strategist. She helps you get noticed and known by your future clients. Her sweet spot is business visibility. She guides you in confidently overcoming your fears around being seen online. She helps you develop the strategies that will establish you as an authority in your niche, connect you with the people who need to hear from you, show up with intention and make consistency your new best friend so that you can hit your income goals month after month.


Episode 96 – December 5, 2016 – Sage B. Hobbs, owner at Sage B. Hobbs Coaching LLC.

From moving across the country after a cancer in her early twenties, to leaving a stable and rewarding career to have more freedom, creativity and broader impact building her own business!

Sage B. Hobbs is a coach, a speaker known for her direct, insightful, and compassionate approach to communication, relationships, and personal growth. She is also the author of Naked Communication. She’s worked with thousands of individuals and groups for more than 15 years to both transform their relationships and increase their personal fulfilment. Sage deeply believes that our happiness and success are directly related to the quality of our relationships, and that it’s possible to create the fulfilling relationships we really want.


Episode 95 – November 28, 2016 – Kay White, owner at Way Forward Solutions Ltd.

From being stuck, frustrated and going nowhere fast in a career that she loved for nearly twenty years to writing a best-selling book within six months and teaching the book whilst still writing it!

Kay White is the Author of the number 1 best-selling book The A to Z of Being Understood. Kay is also the Founder of the multiple 6-figure mentoring company, Way Forward Solutions Ltd.
Drawing on the highs and lows of her 20-year corporate career in international insurance broking Kay’s clients learn how to confidently attract promotion, recognition and rewards by leveraging their skills, opportunities and relationships without selling their souls.

Episode 94 – November 21, 2016 – Tandy Elisala, owner at Center For Inspiring Greatness

How to reinvent yourself when you unexpectedly have to take care full time of both of your parents and face a subsequent cancer journey.

Tandy Elisala  inspires women to be confident and courageous as they take passionate action towards their life purpose. She empowers women to love themselves first and lead a life that matters. Through Tandy’s 30 years’ experience as an executive and coach combined with her experience as a four time cancer thriver and family caregiver, she’s learned why following your passion and purpose is critical and what this truly means. She is a four time #1 International bestselling author, Huf Post contributor and Certified Success Coach.

Episode 93 – November 14, 2016 -Michelle Vina-Baltsas, owner Michelle Vina-Baltsas LLC

From misaligned corporate job and clinical depression to successful Food & Body Relationship Specialist!

Michelle Vina-Baltsas left behind a six-figure corporate position after twenty five years of service to become a Food & Body Relationship Specialist. She had been misaligned with her job for over five years and with manifesting it in physical symptoms. She healed her body and overcame clinical depression. Today her passion is to help women shift their mindset so that they can finally live without the constant preoccupation with food and their bodies. She teaches her clients how to cultivate healthy lifestyle behaviours instead of worrying about weight and size using the intuitive eating model.


Episode 92 – November 7, 2016 -Jo Baldwin-Trott, owner at Colour First

From Police Officer, to teacher, to sought after passionate Stylist!

At twenty-three, Jo Baldwin-Trott achieved her ambition to be a police officer. Seven years later she gained a teaching degree and became a primary school teacher. But after three years, having left her husband, she struggled to find teaching jobs that worked with two small children. That’s how she started her first business – styling and selling pre-loved clothes. Two years later she moved from Bristol to Oxfordshire and established Colour First her current business which although it was following the same principles had a very different business model than it currently has.
Most of her clients being in London, she moved there and is now a sought after, trusted and passionate stylist.


Episode 90 – October 31, 2016 – Shelly Drymon, owner at The Rescue Yourself Project

Reinventing yourself when you find yourself over an abyss just waiting to fall in!
Shelly is the founder of The Rescue Yourself Project and creator of Unleash the Power of YOU.  She inspires women over 40 to take charge of the lives by stepping into their power. Defining their values, strengths, goals, habits and purpose so they can live a life they love. Their way. Shelly is the proud mom to three great kids and “Onja” to six beautiful grandchildren. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, has completed a half-marathon, jumped out of airplanes and climbed the highest mountain Colorado. She loves to generate new ideas, collaborate, is fascinated with technology and hopes to one day start a foundation to raise funds and awareness for women in abusive relationships.

Episode 90 – October 17, 2016 – Ebere Akadiri, owner at Ataro Food and Spices

Building a business you love despite the obstacles!
Ebere Akadiri had two highly successful restaurants in Nigeria and a Catering Company employing over 56 people. She had to leave them behind to move with her family to a new country. Relocating to the Netherlands in 2013, Ebere took her love of her native cuisine with her and set up a thriving business in the centre of The Hague. She offers cooking classes and has launched Ataro Food and Spices, her range of spice mixes which sells in shops and online. Ebere has experienced first hand how difficult it is to realise a dream. As a mother of 5, she also knows that family obligations can get in your way on your path to finding true freedom and fulfilment. She believes that despite any obstacles, you can still build a business that you love and profit from your passion. Having successfully done that for herself, she now helps people, especially mums across the world do the same.

Episode 89 – October 10, 2016 – Florence Parot, owner at The Sophrology Academy

Florence is a Sophrologist who specialises in stress, sleep, burnout and performance. She helps busy and talented people under pressure be at their best when they need it most. As a result of going into burnout over 20 years ago, she learned how to have a buzzy lifestyle and keep the excitement going while also respecting her own limits. She turned that newly gained knowledge into an art form, a lifestyle and a career.  In 2010, she launched The Sophrology Academy, UK’s first Sophrology training centre. She has also started her own publishing house and is leading retreats in Kent and very soon in France. Florence writes regularly for natural health publications. She published her first book: Instant Serenity for Life and Work: An Introduction to Sophrology in 2012 and is currently working on her second one. www.sophroacademy.co.uk


Episode 88 – October 3, 2016 – Gosia Gorna, owner at Gosiagorna.com

Gosia Gorna is a Transformational Coach, speaker and soon to be published author of ‘From Fear to Brilliance’.

She helps change makers achieve outstanding decisions, clear their fears and use their intuition with confidence. She is the creator of The Expansion Game which helps people to turn their biggest fears into their biggest successes. She loves to see her clients accessing their natural state of brilliance and making bigger difference in the world.



Episode 87 – September 26, 2016 – Suparna Malhotra, owner at The Suparna Way

Suparna is a highly qualified and effective Executive coach with over fifteen years international experience working with clients in FTSE 500 companies in a wide range of industries. Her speciality is in supporting professional women develop their unique leadership identity, foster positive relations with peers and cultivate authentic decision making in all aspects of their careers. After working with her on a one-on-one basis, her clients report increased confidence and success in their roles, particularly in the areas of navigating key transition stages in their careers, strategic decision making, talent management and leadership development.

Episode 86 – September 19, 2016 – Jasmine, owner at Shine Out

Jasmine MBye specialises in women’s empowerment and gives ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women the tools to excel.
A challenging childhood left Jasmine ineffective, dimming her light and blocking her own success. Embarking on a journey to free herself and become her best, along with developing her expertise and researching, resulted in Jasmine creating the Shine Out Method.


Episode 85 – September 12, 2016 – Lina Hogg owner at Arya Candles

In 2014 Lina Hogg started Arya Natural Ltd with her daughter with the core purpose of supporting the work of Women for Women International, a charity that operates in war torn countries helping women rebuild their lives.

Lina is passionate about seeing girls and women reach their full potential, so that they are able to contribute to the economy and the communities they live in.


Episode 84 – September 5, 2016 – Benay Dyor owner at Universal Coaching Systems

Benay Dyor creates expert tools and systems for coaches wanting to supercharge their business. She runs her business totally online while traveling the world with her family (husband, toddler and 2 dogs). She’s been coaching professionally since 2006, has a Diploma in Life Coaching, is an NLP Practitioner and has an extensive background in business analysis and high-end, IT system development.


Episode 83 – July 25, 2016 – Stella Fehmi, Regional Director at Athena City and West Essex
Stella Fehmi is a Regional Director at the Athena Network, the Premier Global Networking Organisation for Women in Business. She runs four highly successful organisations in the City and West Essex Regions, and has been boosting business profiles and providing assistance to launching multiple SMEs within the Athena framework since 2010. Now, also working with Businessworx Virtual Professional Services, Stella Fehmi is elevating success levels and providing unrivalled services to the businesses within her regional network and beyond.
www.businessworx.com – Athena City and West Essex 

Episode 82 – July 18, 2016 – Julia Fischer, owner at Blossom Your Soul


Julia Fischer is a certified health coach who works with busy entrepreneurs who want to take the next step to improve their health and through that their overall lifestyle.

Because of her own journey of overcoming some serious health issues it became Julia’s passion and purpose to give back and help others to strive not only in improving their personal but also their business life.

Julia mentors her clients to a less stressful, higher quality life, as well as coaches them on how to look after themselves and their eating habits through a mind and nutrition strategy.


Episode 81 – July 11, 2016 – Viola Edward, Owner at Kayana Ltd. Holistic Development

Viola Edward is an entrepreneur, holistic psychotherapist, relationship coach, breath worker, business consultant, colour & image analyst and an internationally acknowledged lecturer. She is also the author of “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” 1997.

Viola was born in Iraq. She moved to Lebanon at the age of 5 and moved to Venezuela at the age of 13 in 1972. Love caused her to move to Cyprus in 2002 where she now resides and works with her husband Michael de Glanville and where she created Kayana Ltd. Holistic Development.


Episode 80 – July 5, 2016 – Joella Bruckshaw, Owner at Coaching Excellence
Joella Bruckshaw set out in the NHS in a London teaching hospital as a psychiatric social worker.
She went on to teach women assertiveness, run her own communication consultancy and design and delivered personal growth and leadership courses in all but the corporate sector.
In the 90s She trained as a mediator and mediated, trained, supervised and assessed mediators for the Family Mediators Association.
In 2000 She became a full time coach and in 2004 moved to London to set up a new business in the corporate sector.


Episode 79 – June 27, 2016 – Lis Allen, Owner at Lis Allen Personal Development

Lis Allen has had an extremely varied career, working in diverse roles and organisations such as the NHS, the House of Commons and BBC Radio.

She runs her own coaching and speaking business.

In 2013 she created “The Vagina Dialogues”, a unique event for all women to come together and discuss/share/ their views and experiences of motherhood and being mothered.

Most recently she has held the inaugural men-only equivalent, “Talking Bollocks” and is also currently writing a book on mothering.


Episode 78 – June 20, 2016 – Christine Catoggio, Owner at Successful Life Transitions

Christine Catoggio is an inspirational speaker, a best selling author, an internationally recognised Life Transition Strategist, a Women’s Empowerment Coach and the founder of Women of R.I.S.E and the R.I.S.E Movement.
She is passionate about helping women Reawaken, Refine and Redesign their future with purpose and fulfilment. Christine’s programs are designed to inspire and empower women, in all stages of their lives, to rise above life’s challenges and transform into the best version of themselves into the life they truly want.


Episode 77 – June 13, 2016 – Tricia Trotman-Maraj, Motivational Speaker, Author and Teacher

Tricia Trotman-Maraj is an ambitious Geography curriculum specialist, motivational speaker, and Public Sector Management graduate with strong communication, presentation, analytical and problem solving skills.
She graduated with a Master of Science degree in Public Sector Management in 2014, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literatures in English, Psychology and Education in 2010 both awarded by the University of the West Indies. She received pre-service teacher training for a period of 1 year, managed a private secondary school for two years and was appointed as a teacher (Secondary) in the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Education where she taught Geography, English Language, Drama, and Literature for the past fifteen years until her resignation in 2015. She is a visual artist and published author. Her literary work is currently being used by the University of Münster, Germany in collaboration with the University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago as part of the Trinidad and Tobago component of the International Corpus of English (ICE) global academic research project. She possesses excellent leadership skills and specialises in motivating troubled youth toward academic success and holistic development through hard and focused work. Her ultimate goal is work as a full-time motivational speaker.

LinkedIn Profile

Episode 76 – June 6, 2016 – Michelle Peters, owner at The Business Instructor

Michelle Peters, also known as the Business Instructor, is a former practising solicitor from a Magic Circle firm. She now helps solicitors (and other professionals) to get more clients and increase their profits without working more hours. –
She set up The Business Instructor because when she became a business owner she discovered how little she’d learned whilst a solicitor about how to do critical business activities like marketing and ‘selling’ and how to strategically plan for the growth of a business or practice. Having developed those skills as a business owner she could see a need to help other solicitors and other professionals to develop these skills we well.

Episode 75 – May 30, 2016 – Tamara Sapovalova, owner at Sapovalova Coaching

Tamara Medina is a Business Confidence Coach. She is the founder of Sapovalova Coaching, member of Tech London Advocates, Huffington Post blogger and author of “10 days, 10 actions, 10 times more productive” published in English and Spanish. She has written for various magazines and international publications. She has also been a judge in several technology start-up panels and is a mentor at MassChallenge. Tamara helps her clients turn their passion into a profitable business and achieve their personal goals. For over fifteen years she has worked with renowned companies in Mexico, United States and England where she worked for the BBC. In 2016, she launched the online coaching program 10XProductive.



Episode 74 – May 23, 2016 – Ashish Paul, Owner at Ashishveda

Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurvedic doctor and Medical Herbalist.

She is one of the very few qualified practitioners in two distinct systems of complementary and alternative medicine. She has worked in India, UK, Switzerland.

She currently practices from her home clinic and from Harley Street. She works with people to take them on a holistic journey of health and more recently has been working with people with infertility.


Episode 73 – May 16, 2016 – Jo Gifford Owner at www.killercontentacademy.com

Jo Gifford is a recovering overwhelmed entrepreneur with an addiction to making things easier. Champion of working smarter and creator of the Brilliance Ignition Process, she has a loyal global audience and a stellar client list of biz owners making big sales and a big difference. Her background as a seasoned blogger, copywriter, podcaster and graphic designer with an MA and research interest in creative thinking for small business – makes for an eclectic and colourful killer content approach.


Episode 72 – May 9, 2016 – Alison Charles Owner at Diva On A Harley

Alison Charles is an expert in resilience. She is a trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® she helps entrepreneurs and organisations to understand the soft skills that are critical to professional resilience and business success. Alison is a regular speaker at conferences, events and networking groups.
She is passionate about inspiring people to find their secret weapon, overcome challenges and be visible. She is also a talented singer, bringing sass and verve to concerts and choirs around London including the Royal Albert Hall and corporate events.



Episode 71 – May 2, 2016 – Lynnis Mullins, Owner at PraiseWorks Health and Wellness


Lynnis Mullins is the CEO of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness, a faith based mind, body, spirit wellness company that specializes in educating women 40 and over on total wellness.

Lynnis is also an accomplished Praise Dancer, the host and producer of “The Wellness Journey-LIVE!”, a featured program on BlogTalk Radio, the Publisher and Editor-n-Chief of the digital magazine Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond, and the list goes on and on ….


Episode 70 – April 25, 2016 – Veena V, Owner at Mum To Millionaire, YT Club and Real Mauritius    

Veena V is an award winning Radio Presenter turned Online Entrepreneur.

She started working as a cleaner at the age of 14, landed her first radio presenting job at 16 and currently runs several online businesses while taking care of her hyperactive little boy.


Episode 69 – April 18, 2016 – Milly Nickolson, owner at Milly Madness Entertainment

Milly Nickolson, aka Milly Madness, trained in classical Ballet with the McGown school of dancing and learned Acrobatics and Circus Arts under the VERY watchful eye of Poppy Clemence (a Champion acrobat). She spent years dedicating herself to the art of entertaining children and even worked on tour with a real Circus in the UK. Milly has been surrounded and trained by some of the best artists that the UK has to offer. She and her husband now run Milly Madness Entertainment, a successful kids’ entertainment business.


Episode 68 – April 11, 2016 – Jacqueline Rogers, founder of the Athena Network

Jacqueline Rogers is a Networking Strategist, a business mentor, speaker, trainer, serial entrepreneur and the founder of The Athena Network, a vibrant, fast-growing leading International networking, training and development business club for female executives and entrepreneurs. She also helps women Entrepreneurs and Executives to create a Purposeful business. The women she works with are committed to making a meaningful contribution through their business and they have a desire to live an extraordinary life. Her life’s work is supporting them to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and re-connecting with their Genius!


Episode 67 – April 4, 2016 – Sharleen Cobourne, owner at First Fruit.

At twenty five Sharleen Cobourne had already experienced birth, marriage and death. Most people around her were having very definite ideas of where her life should be going and she would always put herself under pressure to live up to their expectations. Until she had the confidence to be true to herself and choose to live an authentic life. She now has set up her own business where she creates luxury fruit and vegetable buffets for high end events and occasions.

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Episode 66 – March 28, 2016 – Heather Waring, owner at WaringWell Ltd.

A former career advisor for Cosmopolitan Magazine, career columnist for the Sunday Express, regular contributor to Glamour magazine and writer of a syndicated column for the Newsquest group, Heather Waring is a certified coach who spent her early career years in the ‘not for profit’ sector before setting up her own business in 2000. In 2006 she introduced walking and coaching into her portfolio and embarked on a number of walking related initiatives which led to many charity walks and to training women for charity events. Walking is where her passion lies and this is the vehicle she now uses for her work. Heather has also been She a member of the Athena Network for over 10 years.


Episode 65 – March 21, 2016 – Helen Johnson, owner at Goddess Acumen

Helen Johnson is an EFT practitioner and Goddess Unleasher.
She helps women
to be free, thriving and inspired and to feel a sense of purpose and balance. Helen says that it is about celebrating female power and attributes by unleashing their inner goddess. By using therapeutic techniques and understanding how people transform and make change, she supports women to let go, find flow and return to their best self.

Episode 64 – March 14, 2016 – Lindsay Fischer, owner at Blonde & Always Write, Inc

Lindsay Fischer is a survivor of domestic violence who turned her life around and uses her voice to help others find theirs after facing trauma.

A best-selling and award-winning author and former high school English teacher, Lindsay empowers audiences by showing them that sharing their own story eradicates shame and guilt and makes growth possible.

www.survivorswillbeheard.com – www.lindsayfischercopy.com

Episode 63 – March 7, 2016 – Nyasha Gwatidzo, owner at Banya

Nyasha Gwatidzo was born in Zimbabwe and she is a qualified psychotherapist, social worker, coach and mentor.

She works with disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa. She runs a multimillion pound social enterprise Banya, which finds foster families for children in the care of local authorities. She founded a charity in the UK, Vana Trust which raises funds for children affected by HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe, supporting their education. The Trust also supports adults and young people here in the UK who have learning and emotional difficulties, through her organic farm in Buckinghamshire.


Episode 62 – February 29, 2016 – Aska Kolton, owner at RePower Your Life

Aska Kolton is the founder of Get Ready For Love. Her personal journey has taken her through 110 online dates, 7 years of being single and 1 dating detox which completely transformed her love life. She now is in an amazing relationship with her dream man and they have a baby boy together.
She works with conscious, single ladies who are struggling finding the right man. She helps them get ready for true and lasting love by helping them increase their self-love, self-worth and self-connection.


Episode 61 – February 22, 2016 – Dion Johnson, owner at Woman Leader Global

Dion Johnson is an Executive Coach, International Speaker, published author and former midwife. She helps leaders, (especially midlife women) to keep evolving as women and ChangeMakers. Dion was born with a facial disfigurement and for 40 years hid her facial flaws behind an artificial eye and dark glasses. She powerfully inspires audiences to explore their own authenticity by sharing what she has learned through her very real transition from “masked” to “unmasked”. Dion is the Founder of “The YOU Retreat” and “You School” high level quality platforms for women who want to take off their professional mask, recharge, revive and refresh themselves as women, leaders and change-makers in a luxuriously supportive environments. She is also the founder of She Shines Global – The charity arm of her business that raises money to bring solar light systems to regions of the world where women are dying in childbirth because of a lack of stable electricity.



Episode 60 – February 15, 2016 – Jenna-Lee Anderson, owner at JLA Success


Jenna-Lee Anderson is a public speaker, psychologist and weight loss coach. She specialises in an area of emotional development called Childhood Imprinting and advocates that the experiences we have between 0 -7yrs are the root cause of the sabotaging behaviour effecting weight loss. Overweight from the age of 7, Jenna-Lee eventually tipped the scales at 350lbs/25st/150kg before health problems forced her to confront her eating addiction. Maintaining a 210lbs/15st/93kg weightloss for 10yrs Jenna-Lee has been on the weightloss journey of a life time. She is the glamourous proof that anyone can go from #FAT to #Fabulous


Episode 59 – February 8, 2016 – Win Charles, owner at Author Win Charles

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Win Charles has defied the odds by becoming an author. Her memoir I, Win is an amazing story of how she remembers her life through the years of having a condition called “CP”. As a competitor in the Kona Iron Man Triathlon, CEO of her own jewelry design company, and motivational speaker, Win Charles truly is an inspiration to many.
Today Win Charles tours the country, speaking to schools and institutions to raise awareness about cerebral palsy and living a full life no matter what holds you back.
She is also an advocate of veterans across the world.


Episode 58 – February 1, 2016 – Drema Dial, owner at Drema Dial Phd.

Drema Dial earned her PhD in psychology. She created a thriving private practice. She is the author of “Creating the Life You Want to Live: from average to amazing in 30 days”. She recently pursued her dream of living in the south of France and now has a thriving business as a life coach.

Episode 57 – January 25, 2016 – Alexandra Gold, owner at A Woman On Purpose

Alexandra Gold is an author, poet, speaker and purposeful Life & Business Mentor. Ten years ago she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She then made the promise that if she lived through her illness she would do all she could to make the world a better place. She now has devised The Golden Compass System from all that she has learnt. She has outlined her insights into living a Spiritually Full, Financially Free and Confidently Unstoppable Life in her book ‘A Woman On Purpose’. She also writes empowerment poems for women on her Facebook page of the same name and trains women from all over the world in the A Woman On Purpose System for their personal use or as a licensed teacher.

Episode 56 – January 18, 2016 – Paula Quinsee, owner at Ati2ud Communications

As a Relationship Wellness Coach Paula provides people with knowledge, tools and skills to create quality relationships in both their personal and professional lives. She works with individuals and organisations teaching emotional intelligence skills focusing on effective communication, conflict management and diversity.


Episode 55 – January 11, 2016 – Vidya Patil, owner at drvidyapatil.com

Vidya’s mission in life is to help women and children take control of their own lives, create a mindset for success, and realize how exceptionally powerful they are, so that they can live happier and more fulfilled lives.

She wants women to know that no matter what their background has been, whose dreams they’ve been living, or how dark their life may seem that it is completely possible to take control of their life and step into their power. By changing their thoughts, training their brain/emotions, and learning not to let others determine their happiness they can truly become exactly who they want and start living the life of their dreams.


Episode 54 – January 4, 2016 – Johanna Lynn, facilitator at johannalynn.ca

Johanna Lynn is a facilitator. She helps her clients open previously closed doors so that they gain freedom in all aspects of their lives.

She says that the one thing we all have in common is that we all come from a family. We have been influenced by our family far more than we’ve previously understood. Yet, there is a way forward that allows us to be free. The work she does everyday with clients uncovers the precise family patterns that are limiting their health, relationships and success.

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